5 Interior Design Trends for 2017

5 Interior Design Trends for 2017

By Summer Horvath on May 02 2017

Say your goodbyes to the beloved copper trend and minimalist approach that graced 2016 and get ready to say hello to rich shades, organic materials and more unexpected quirky twists!



Image Source: Home Design Ideas

Deep, rich and decadent. Gem-like colours have made appearances in latest runway shows from major fashion designers such as Elie Saab, Chanel, Valentino and are now finding their way into our homes... and hearts! Citrine, amethyst, turquoise, ruby, sapphire and in particular emerald green are filling our favourite home decor and furniture stores and although unexpected, there is no question as to why. Exuding in elegance, these exubrant colours will paint your home with a passionate intensity and create an opulent ambience, perfect for Autumn/Winter. If you want to take this trend to the next level, pair these hues with lush materials like velvet to inject all the more luxury into your life.



Image Source: Katrine Kaul

Throw out your chevron, there's a new print in town! From throw cushions to statement walls, this bold, bright and instantly warming pattern can be seen in the most stylish homes and give you summer vibes all year round. Don't be afraid to mix prints or complement them with salmon pink to elude a glamorous aura reminicent of 70's Palm Springs styling. For the less daring, opt for fresh whites, natural colours and organic materials to create a tranquil bohemian-esk oasis.



Image Source: Lonny

70's mood is just about taking over the design world at the moment, and there is no exception when it comes to metallics. In past years high shine metallics, such as chrome and copper overuled. In contrast, this year expect to welcome more natural imperfected brass artisan style accents like retro statement lights, brass-trimmed tables, mirrors, ceramics, antiques and more to instill a warm richness and an art deco type glamour.



Image Source: UNIQFIND

Before you call in the jackhammers, terracotta is firing up homes again. It appears that finishes are aiding towards more matte rather than the high shine that lingered in the 80's. If you feel your home is stuck in this era, investigate in a resurface before you consider the full demolish. This trend does not stop at tiles as the zesty material is being used to create lamps, pots and even feature walls. Terracotta is not only a material but is also referenced as a tone that is having it's time in the sun. Cinnamon-browns, burnt oranges and earthy spanish pinks can bring weight, warmth, uniqueness and a medditeranean elegance to any space.



Image Source: Uniqwa Furniture Collections

Layering textures is a great way to add warmth and comfort allowing us to escape the sometimes harsh realities of society, yet without using obvious colours. Since most of us spend our time online, designers are having to engage customers on a textural level, exanding our awareness to bohemian and indie style furnishings and decor. Basic designs are being provided with a tactile quality in order to modernize and enhance it's uniqueness. Knits, faux furs, fringes, embroidery and even lighting can emit a contemporary element and captivating depth. Mix this look with organic materials such as woods and plants, and you're on your way to discovering a serene, inviting, zen-like sanctuary.